Nothing changes your
professional game like presenting
masterful stories

Nothing, and I do mean nothing, is quite as important as finding, crafting
and honing a story. It’s actually one of the most difficult things a speaker
can do. So spending time to do it well is vital. It’s also the key to helping
you earn tens of thousands of pounds.


  • Presentations
  • Interviews
  • Webinars
  • Email Marketing
  • Sales Pages
  • YouTube

…in fact, anywhere and everywhere!


Here’s just one example of why crafting your story is the
cornerstone of success…

“In my wildest dreams I never anticipated my progress on the
MindSpeak program…in the shortest space of time. I’ve been in
the speaking business for 15 years and thought I was at the top of
my game. I used stories, I was engaging, but this course has shown
me there is an art to storytelling and mine needed work. Today, my
story is now fully crafted. And when I deliver it, I’m very proud.”




You know you have a calling, but do you hold yourself back with doubt,
lack of confidence and imposter syndrome? Do you see speaking as a
nice idea, an aspiration that you will get to one day…but maybe not today?

Well, that’s about to change. Learning how to stand out takes more than
skills. It takes a real shift in thinking…

Blueprint Can Help

I’m about to show you how easy it could be to…

  • Master communication skills
  • Be a master storyteller
  • Enable your confidence to soar
  • Have people KNOW, LIKE and TRUST you in 60 minutes or less
  • Discover that speaking is the fastest way to cash

Let’s start with who you are

You have a business, youre an entrepreneur, or you have aspirations of speaking. Youre ready to step out of your comfort zone. BUT …

  • You’re not sure where to start and finding it difficult to muster the confidence
  • ​You don’t believe you have a powerful story to tell that connects with your audience.
  • ​You suffer from perfectionism and don’t want to fail, and this is holding you back

You have an established business, you fully understand how important speaking is, and you want to progress to consistent bookings and even deliver on your own platforms. BUT…

  • You’re really busy, don’t have any spare time, and need to work smarter not harder
  • You want to increase your income by offering your service, but need guidance to achieve that
  • You get speaking gigs, but you are ready to take it up a notch and become known – industry wide – for your particular subject matter

    This is an online training module and LIVE coaching program designed to help you develop AND implement a speaker mindset so you can tell powerful stories that go from told to sold.

    It’s highly practical, it’s fun and it holds you accountable via our supportive community.



      • Business owners, entrepreneurs and solopreneurs
      • ​Speakers and speechwriters
      • ​Influencers and thought leaders
      • ​Journalists, PR and branding specialists
      • ​Coaches and consultants
      • ​Health practitioners, wellbeing coaches
      • ​Presenters — whether on camera or at live events


      • Wants to be a better storyteller, communicator and leader
      • ​Wants to be an in-demand, highly-paid public speaker or presenter
      • ​Has aspirations to deliver a phenomenal TEDx Talk
      • ​Wants to raise their visibility and be known as the go-to person in their industry
      • ​Has a calling bigger than their fears, nerves and anxieties
      • ​Wants to be held to account for fulfilling their goals and aspiration


      • 12 Live Weekly Group Coaching Calls
      • Private #MindSpeak Brand Story Online Community for feedback and encouragement!
      • Easy-to-follow-Templates: story and presentation outlines, pre-speaker questionnaire, event planner email template and booking gigs
      • Watch me interview the top speaking experts in the world
      • Lifetime Access: includes all future updates to the MindSpeak Brand Story Blueprint
      • PLUS Bonuses: TEDx Idea Generation and Virtual Presentation workbooks, recordings, professional feedback, and much, much more